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Herbal Medicine

Treatment of sinusitis

Sinusitis is an inflammation of the paranasal sinuses (air-filled cavities inside the bones of the skull) that increases the production of mucus.

Sinusitis is a common health problem especially during the seasonal changes in Gauteng, due to excessive amounts of dust and pollen in the dry air. Sinusitis affects the person’s quality of life due to the often painful symptoms of constant nasal congestion and runny nose. Common illnesses related to sinusitis are infection, allergy, and structural problems of the nasal passage.

The surgical operation would be the first choice for structural nasal problems, and oral antibiotics, antihistamines, and local cortisol spray would be prescribed for sinusitis by doctors. There are many chronic sinusitis sufferers that have experienced only temporal relief from antibiotics and nasal spray, the reason being that the long-term use of antibiotics weakens a person’s immunity, cortisol sprays thin the membrane of nasal passages, and the body then becomes vulnerable to allergens and germs.

Chinese practitioners use Chinese herbal medicine and acupuncture treatments to open the nasal passage, drain the mucus and strengthen immunity, which will prevent re-infection and assist in the long-term healing of sinusitis.

The environment of the sinusitis person is also a large factor as well, which is why avoiding certain foods such as dairy products and keeping the living areas dust free are recommended. Articles

Irritable Bowel Syndrome

Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) is a common disorder that affects the large intestine (colon). Irritable bowel syndrome commonly causes cramping, abdominal pain, bloating, gas, diarrhea, constipation and mucus in the stool.

Stress is the product of modern life. Chinese medical practitioners believe that the liver regulates the Qi flow of the body. Long term stress and sudden emotional trauma can lead to the stagnation of the Qi flow and cause all the symptoms of IBS. If a person’s spleen energy is weakened by overwork, poor diet, insufficient rest, excessive worry, then diarrhea, abdominal pain and bloating will be accompanied. The liver Qi Stasis and spleen Qi Deficiency can generate Damp-Heat in the body, thus producing mucus in the stool.

The basic Chinese principle for the treatment of irritable bowel syndrome is to relieve the Liver Qi Stasis, strengthen the Spleen Qi, and eliminate the Damp-Heat in the body. The Chinese formula “Tong Xie Yao Fang” is commonly prescribed for the treatment of IBS. Acupuncture treatment on the energy points of the liver, spleen and big intestine would be selected by the trained doctor to harmonize the liver and spleen Qi

The allergy or intolerance of food, leading to irritable bowel syndrome is not yet clearly understood, but certain foods have been reported to worsen the condition, such as chocolate, spices, fats, fruits, beans, cabbage, cauliflower, broccoli, milk, carbonated beverages, alcohol, and should be avoided if possible.

Patients with irritable bowel syndrome can also benefit by doing meditation and practicing other stress-reduction techniques.

It is advisable before receiving Chinese herbal medicine and acupuncture treatment, to have a thorough physical examination by a physician to rule out other causes of the symptoms such as chronic colitis, colon polyps, gastrointestinal tumors and other diseases.

Herbal Medicine for Fertility

Chinese herbs have a long history of use in aiding fertility and preventing miscarriage. Chinese medicine can be used in conjunction with any assisted fertility treatment. By complementing Chinese herbs before IVF or other fertility treatments, will prepare the body for increasing and strengthening fertility.

Chinese medicinal use of its unique patterned diagnoses; treat the human body as a whole, without separating the affected organ from the rest of body. Chinese medicine uses Chinese philosophy and science to assist the individual person to achieve Qi/Blood sufficiency in the quantity and quality of the flow, at the same time, reaching the required state of Yin/Yang and the Five Elements (kidney, liver, spleen, heart, and lung) in balancing the body.

Researches show that different Chinese herbal formulas have different effects on the body such as, improving the quality of the eggs, promoting ovulation, regulating hormone secretion, expelling blockage of uterus and enhance the quality of sperms, etc. Chinese medicine uses mainly ingredients that are derived from roots, barks, leaves, flowers and fruits of the plants, made into tablets, capsules, decoctions (teas) and granules.

In the Chinese Medical Clinic, after a consultation, we mainly prescribe concentrated herbal granule formulas according to each person’s condition.
Common conditions of infertility:
1. Polycystic ovary syndrome
2. Premature ovary failure
3. Endometriosis
4. Blocked fallopian tubes
5. Uterine fibroids
6. Male infertility
7. Unexplainable infertility

5 Alternative Treatments and Home Remedies for Psoriasis


Alternative Treatment for Psoriasis

For people with psoriasis, suffering from painful symptoms like inflamed, flaking, and red skin is not pleasant. The chronic skin condition is due to an overactive immune system that can be triggered by a number of internal and external factors. Many Western treatments include steroid creams and oral medications that come with a slew of unwanted side effects.

Below are alternative treatments that are safe and natural and can help reduce symptoms of psoriasis, leading you back to better health.


  1. Herbal Remedies
  • Aloe Vera: The gel from this cactus plant can be used generously on your skin to reduce redness and scaling caused by psoriasis. Aloe vera can be found in almost any grocery or health store.
  • Tea Tree Oil: Tea tree oil is thought to have antiseptic properties. It can soothe irritated skin or scalp and can be applied daily.
  • Turmeric: Turmeric has strong anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. Because of this, turmeric has been found to reduce psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis flares. Turmeric can be found in pill form as well as powder form to be added to food.
  • Dead Sea Salts: Soaking in a bath with Dead Sea salts or Epsom salts can remove scaly skin and reduce itching. It is recommended that you use warm water and stay in the tub for 15 minutes.


  1. Mindfulness/Meditation

Mindfulness and meditation practices have been found to be effective in people suffering from chronic pain like psoriasis.

Meditation is the practice of focusing your attention on the moment and ridding yourself of all external thoughts you may be having. This can lead to a state of relaxation and calmness, bringing balance to your body and mind.

Mindfulness, which is practiced in meditation, includes becoming completely aware of your body, externally and internally. This can be a seated meditation that is focused on awareness of mind, body, and senses.


  1. Exercise

Not only is exercise important to maintain overall health and wellness, it is especially beneficial for people with psoriasis.

Because people with psoriasis have an increased risk of heart disease and type 2 diabetes, regular exercise can prove very helpful.

Many find it hard to exercise because of the chronic pain associated with psoriasis. Exercise programs in the water prove to be an effective alternative that is easier on the body and still allows you to build endurance and strength.

Other simple ways to fit more exercise into your day include short walks, taking the stairs, and stretching.


  1. Massage

Seeing a licensed massage therapist can help reduce symptoms and pain. Massage promotes the function of muscle and connective tissue and can increase relaxation and circulation in the body.


  1. Acupuncture

Acupuncture has been proven to be effective in minimizing chronic pain in patients. Acupuncture takes a holistic approach with the body and symptoms you may be experiencing. By returning the body to its natural flow, acupuncture can help reduce the intensity of symptoms of psoriasis.


Home Remedies:

  • Soak a towel in cold milk and apply to the affected area to relieve itching.
  • Add ½ cup ground oatmeal into a warm bath.
  • Rub the affected area with the inner side of a banana peel.
  • Apply aloe vera gel to the affected area.
  • Cut several fresh willow branches into 3-inch stems and place them in a pot with plenty of water. Bring to a boil, then simmer until the water becomes black. Wash affected areas with the water three times daily.
  • Slice 15 water chestnuts and soak in 3 oz. of rice vinegar crush and store in a sealed jar. Apply the paste to the affected area and cover it with gauze. Change daily.




Summer from a TCM Perspective

Summer from TCMLet’s talk about late summer – from an acupuncturist’s view.
The season of the late summer is the time of the stomach and spleen. The summer season actually belongs to the
heart, heart and small intestine, the late summer which is that hazy time between summer and autumn. It’s that time
when yin and yang feel really balanced. When it’s not too hot, it’s not cold yet, there’s a slight crispness in the air
early morning and late evening. It’s a time of perfect balance at the end of summer, and it’s also the harvest time,
suggesting that there’s a sense of abundance. You’ll notice, there’s an abundance of food ripening, quite literally one
the vine. This is when the earth element is at its peak.
The fascinating thing about the earth element is that it also has a season in between every other season. There’s a
little window in between every season where we have ‘late summer’ again, even in-between winter and spring, in
between spring and summer, definitely in-between summer and autumn and in between autumn and winter as well.
These are little windows in-between every season which are known as late summer, or earth season are times of
This time between seasons is a time of everything coming back to the core – all of your energies coming back into
the center, grounding, rebalancing and then ready to go again into a new season which has new opportunities and
new challenges. At the time of writing we’re in the earth element now, we’re crossing over from spring into
summer. So this is a perfect opportunity for you to come back to your center, spend a little bit of time regrouping,
grounding and preparing for what’s coming next in the summer months. When we do this, we give our body an
abundance of energy again to work with and do whatever it needs to do to balance itself in the next season. There’s
nothing for you to do, just come back to ground zero and give your body a rest. Get grounded in nature, rest up and
your body does what it knows it needs to do with the energy. Your acupuncturist will also be able to treat these
organs and maximise your ability to recharge these organs in their horary time.
If you are an Earth element constitutional type you can also receive treatment on the Stomach and spleen during
their horary time of day. Receiving treatment between 7am and 11 am is the best time to treat these organs. Each
organ has its own time of day where it’s at its strongest. The time of day for the Earth element, Stomach and Spleen,
is 7-9am, and 9-11am. The old housewife tale says eat breakfast like a king, eat lunch like a prince and eat dinner
like a pauper. This is true because the chi is the strongest in the digestive system in the stomach between 7:00 and
9:00AM, and in the spleen between 9:00 and 11:00AM. Eating your biggest meal of the day between these times
means you’re going to have optimum digestion, and your body is going to be able to take the most chi from the food
and transform it to give your body the most energy available. Eating your biggest meals at the opposite times will
have the opposite effect, as there’s the least amount of chi in the digestive system 12 hours later. So between
7:00AM and 11:00AM is when we’ve got the most chi in the digestive system, and then 12 hours later, between
7:00PM and 11:00PM we’ve got the least.
If you want to learn what your element constitutional type is, come on in! I may be able to shed some light on this
for you.

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