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Kicking Butts with Acupuncture – Why Wait for the Great American Smokeout?

Have you tried to give up smoking? Trying ‘this and that’ therapy or modality to no avail? One of the reasons your previous attempts may not have worked for you long-term is because they rely, for the most part, on willpower alone.

Understanding WHY you have the addiction in the first place is the first step to true healing. It is highly likely that the reason you acquired the addiction was an imbalance in some organs of your internal holistic ecosystem. Namely the organs of the Lung and Liver.

When our organs are out of balance, we tend to crave external substances as the body attempts to bring itself back into balance. The Lung and Liver have a very close relationship. The liver has over 2000 functions, and it is very easy for us to overburden it with more when we ingest substances that require a lot of ‘detoxing’ out of the body. The liver can become excessive and stagnate leading to emotional imbalances.

The emotions associated with the lung are sadness and grief. You may have turned to smoke for comfort after the loss of someone close to you, as many people do. Sadness and grief also weaken the lung further. So, it becomes a perpetual cycle. Smoking may temporarily quell feelings of long-held grief and sadness we don’t want to feel, but then the toxic overload burdens the liver further which impacts and weakens the lung further, it becomes a vicious, downward spiral.

When the organs are happy and working in harmony there is a smooth flow of qi between the organs and throughout the whole system. This free-flowing qi gives us an immense sense of wellbeing. Perfect health gives us an immense sense of well-being. We are always seeking this state – albeit subconsciously for the most part. The addiction appears to give us that feeling, but it is temporary and holds the imbalances in place rather than rectifying them.

TCM works to strengthen the function of your organ systems, helping to uncover the root cause(s) of a particular problem. When the internal function is strong and balanced there is less of a perceived need for external quick fixes. Acupuncture treatment can promote the release of endorphins, change one’s taste toward tobacco to unpleasant, thus give up on smoking. Acupuncture can calm the mind and relax the body, it can boost our physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being.

So, why wait for the Great American Smokeout? You can start feeling better as soon as today!

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