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Chinese Medicine Can Help Prevent Miscarriage

Do you know someone who suffers from miscarriage? Well, Chinese herbal medicine can help. 

As a Chinese Herbalist and Acupuncturist who helped many women achieve the goal of motherhood, I know how devastating for a woman to experience a miscarriage, especially the same woman who may also struggle to conceive to start off, and already experienced many months or years of different fertility treatments.  Miscarriage is absolutely a traumatic experience for the woman physically and mentally, some women even develop depression and anxiety afterward.  What makes it even worse is some women experience repeated miscarriages.

What are the common reasons for miscarriage?

  1. embryo chromosome abnormality
  2. uterus or cervix problems: thin lining, fibroids, polyps, septate uterus, weak cervical tissues
  3. hormonal problems
  4. other conditions: uncontrolled diabetes, thyroid disease, autoimmune conditions,

Regardless of the above reasons, most of the repeated miscarriages are still unknown.

What is the available treatment out there for miscarriage? 

For women, if the cause can be identified, then correct treatment will help them.  For others, they will just continuously try until one of the pregnancies will stay.  Traditional Chinese Medicine doctors normally suggest the patient stop trying for a few months and get the body stronger first, then try again.

Traditional Chinese medicine believes there is a life force (Chi) existing in our body from the moment you are an embryo in your mother’s womb until the end of your life.  This life force is taking part in all the life stages of growth, development, maturity, etc. If the Chi of the embryo or fetus is weak or the Chi of the mother is weak, then miscarriage can easily occur.  A qualified Chinese herbalist will assess the woman’s Chi condition and conclude a specific pattern diagnosis, then prescribe a mix of an herbal formula to strengthen the body Chi level which will assist the body to create a better egg, better fetus, and successful full-term pregnancy.

Chinese Medicine are natural herbs, you can think of them as the life force of mother nature which will help the human body to recover naturally and holistically.

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