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I went from bedridden for two years, to functional thanks to Dr. Kong…

In 2020 Dr. Kong treated me with TCM herbs and acupuncture for extreme and crippling anxiety caused by trauma and exacerbated by stage 3 (chronic) Lyme disease and coinfections. My kidneys and adrenal glands were not functioning well, and I suffered from constant bladder infections for over two years with extreme full-body pain, insomnia and becoming addicted to cannabis. Dr. Kong did not just treat me, she saved my life and changed it forever. Her kindness, compassion, and skill as a doctor meant she treated me holistically, seeing the big picture and underlying causes of the disease, insomnia, anxiety, and addiction. I went from bedridden for two years, to functional thanks to Dr. Kong and she taught me how to manage the anxiety and trauma allowing disease to dominate my body and causing addiction. Dr. Kong is the best doctor I have ever met, and I would recommend her to anyone suffering in their body, mind, and soul. It has been a year since I started treatment with Dr. Kong which lasted for 3 months and I do not believe I would still be alive if without her treatments. Today I am free from bladder/kidney infections and pain, empowered against anxiety, and clean from addiction. Dr. Kong is my literal hero and changed my life forever and I have considered emigrating to Texas from South Africa for the sole purpose of continuing treatment with her. Yes. She is THAT amazing!



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