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Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome

I began treatment with Dr Kong in 2013. I had been diagnosed with PCOS and had been trying to conceive for 6 years. Dr Kong prescribed daily herbal medicine as well as weekly acupuncture.

I was stunned when I fell pregnant in the 1st month of treatment! Sadly, though I had to have a D&C at 8 weeks because the baby’s heart stopped beating.

I took a break from treatment to recover and when I went back Dr Kong, she assured me that I needed “a good quality egg” to have a successful pregnancy preferably after 3 months of continuous treatment.

In December 2014 I fell pregnant and carried my baby to 35 weeks. She was born healthy and normal.

I am grateful to Dr Kong for helping me achieve a successful pregnancy through the grace of God. Her medicine had no negative side effects and my pregnancy was smooth and problem free.

I would recommend her to anyone struggling with infertility and who would not want to put their bodies through forceful and harmful conception methods used commonly today. Her medicine and acupuncture helped my body regulate itself and conceive when it was ready and able to do so.




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