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Sciatic pain during pregnancy

In the 3rd trimester of my first pregnancy, I suffered from severe sciatic pain. I could not walk due to each step will just aggravate the pain. I went to several doctors for help without any relief. As a last hope, I went to see Dr. Kelly Kong for acupuncture treatment and my pain eased immediately after the first session, and I was able to walk & function again without any pain. When I was pregnant with my second child, the same extremely bad sciatica pain started at the 19th week. I could not put on my own pants/shoes, I could not drive my car, and my husband brought me to Dr. Kelly Kong, and she healed me once again, this time with 2 sessions. Dr. Kelly Kong is a gentle, caring doctor, she is attentive and patient, and her treatment is effective and lasting in the long term.

God bless and thank you!


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