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Theory and Diagnosis of Qi Energy

Qi /Energy (pronounced as Chi)

The concept of Qi is based on the ancient Chinese understanding of natural phenomena. That is, Qi is the most basic substance of which the world is comprised.Qi Energy sign Everything in the universe results from the movements and changes of Qi. Qi is the life force. Qi flows through 14 main meridians forming a network within the body, so that they work as one unit. Each meridian is connected to an internal organ, which follows a set pathway in the body. When a person is healthy, the Qi moves smoothly through the meridians. If however, the flow is blocked or the flow is too weak or too strong, then illness occurs.

YIN and YANGyin yang symbol

Yin and Yang are an ancient Chinese philosophical concept. Yin and Yang are the two fundamental principles or forces in the universe, ever opposing and supplementing each other. For example: day and night, hot and cold, outside and inside, movement and stability, rising and falling, woman and man, summer and winter, etc. When YIN and YANG within the body are mutually supportive and in balance, the body is healthy.


According to the theory of five elements: wood, fire, earth, metal and water are five basic substances that constitute the material world. These substances are not only of the relations with generation and restriction but set in a state of constant motion and change. In the human body five elements are linked with the five organs: wood-liver, fire-heart, earth-spleen, metal-lung, and water-kidney.


It is based on the Four Examinations: Observation, Odor, Questioning, and Pulse- Taking to gather the information about the patient’s lifestyle, diet, medical history and emotional state, as well as thorough examination of the patient’s tongue and pulse. The strength and rhythm and quality of the pulse indicate the energy of different organs and state of the disease. The tongue through its shape, color and coating indicate the nature, progress and severity of the illness.

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